Graddit widgets inventory

Star Rating allows your visotors to vote for the articles and you to expose best content

Graddit ratings widget example

Graddit offers a number of rating widgets that can be embedded into your blog:

  • star ratings: any number of stars, any images, any styles;
  • thumbs up/down: to like or dislake;
  • like-only ❤;
  • tracking-only: when you don't need stars, but want to use other Graddit features like Related Posts widget and cross-linking.

Pulse: live updates on your phone

Graddit pulse
Get instant updates on your phone with Graddit Pulse.
Available for Android and IPhone via Airgram app.
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Related posts widget shows similar articles

Graddit recommendations widget example

With Graddit related posts widget you can easily cross-link your posts. And it is configurable:

  • use automatic or custom thumbs and titles;
  • change layout (CSS);
  • set relations between posts. Yes, you can define it manually if you want;
  • and more.

Most popular: users vote, you know what is best and expose it

Graddit best posts widget example

Most popular widget from Graddit shows what is currently hot on your blog. It is highly configurable and can be styled to exactly match your blog.